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At Messiah Community Christian Church, we believe that serving our Lord and Savior is an overflow from receiving His abundance of grace and knowing how much He loves us! We also consider it a privilege to serve using the talents He has given us, knowing that our labour of love will not be in vain when it is sown in His name (Hebrews 6:10).

If you have been attending our church regularly and your heart is stirred to make a difference in the lives of others, unite and volunteer with us!


Elder Board & Ministerial Staff

Dr. Zenobia Fennel

Elder Calvin Milner

Elder Beulah Hoover




Deacon Cleveland Miller





Chairperson: Katherine Wilson

Treasurer:  Joyce Milner

Financial Secretary:

Shasta Johnson

Trustees: Juanita Wilson, Joyce Milner, 

Elder Calvin Milner

Jesse Johnson

Men's Ministry

Christian Men's Fellowship - Deacon Cleveland Miller & Trustee Jesse Johnson


Men of Valor - Men encouraging each other and making a difference in the community!

Women's Ministry

Christian Women's Fellowship - Reta Miller - Leader

Women of Excellence - women lifting each other up and breaking the mold!


Deacon-in-Training Andrea Maine - Youth Leader

aka "R.I.S.E."


CHOZEN Ministries

Developing, creating and instilling greatness...we welcome our next generation..the next and


What our members are saying

Messiah Members share their stories!

We are blessed with dedicated and loyal Members...we invite you to come...and 


What our members are saying

1 year ago this month I decided to become a part of Messiah Christian Community church in Winston Salem, NC. My Pastor saw the God in me without a word being spoken - allows me to be exactly who I am in Christ. Thank you Pastor Robinson for being you. I do love my church not always there because of my ministry and travel but for this season and this time in my life this is where I am suppose to be.

Min. N


I love my Church

T. Johnson


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